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AltiTube is the answer to fresh weekly, relevant content on your Whistler business website - with ZERO maintenance - You simply embed it and forget it. We do all the work on our end.

Every week we produce a 2 minute HD video shot in Whistler. We report on Whistler events, activities, deals, festivals, weather, mountain conditions or anything else happening that week.

Videos are produced weekly and automatically update across our video subscriber network. Continually delivering fresh, engaging content to your visitors.

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This Week's Show

This video is embedded using the same code we give our clients. So you can check back and see how it seamlessly updates each week with every new video we produce.

About The Show

AltiTube (like Altitude, but with a "b") is a micro-news web show that aires weekly (weekday TBD) and highlights the weeks interest stories in Whistler, BC. This includes (but is not limited to) events, festivals, activities, deals, weather forecast, mountain conditions and more.

Usually set to a backdrop of beautiful Whistler scenery, AltiTube will give guests and locals alike a snapshot of all the amazing things to do and see in Whistler.

The show will be filmed in high definition each week on location in Whistler. Each segment will run roughly 2 minutes in length. The hosts film their own segment around Whistler and ocassionally at a place of business. The footage is then professionally edited and uploaded to our channel on Vimeo and our network simultaneously.

If you are interested in having your business highlighted or filmed on location, please take a look at our sponsorship opportunities or contact us directly.

Press Kit

Press kit includes: press release, high-res photos of Liz & Adam, AltiTube logos, as well as, the images below.

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The Team

AltiTube Host: Liz Hammond

After completing an undergraduate degree in International Development and a graduate certificate in Public Relations, Liz is well-versed in global issues, client and media relations, writing and editing, public speaking, graphic design and special event planning.

Having bounced from place to place, Liz is pleased to have found a home in Whistler, BC. Liz is an avid traveller, mountain climber and a regular outdoor enthusiast. Liz has scrambled up Mount Temple (3,445m) in Lake Louise and scaled the edge of Toronto’s CN Tower, and she's excited to share all that is good in Whistler with you!


Camera/Editor: Dusan Mihalecko

Dusan, originally from the Czech Republic, was educated at Prague Film School with specialization for Broadcast and TV. He has worked on several high-scale shoots as a videographer including RedBull Productions.





Creator & Producer: Virginia-Rae Choquette

Virginia-Rae is an online marketing specialist with several years focusing on the tourism and hospitality industry here in Whistler BC. She is also the Owner and Managing Director of Cloud9 Marketing, a Marketing and strategy consultancy specializing in web technologies, social media, content marketing and brand development.

AltiTube is a subsidiary of Cloud9 Marketing.

How it works

Once you have signed up for your 30 day trial, we send you a welcome package with code which embeds the video on your site. You can embed it more than once and anywhere you like, so long as it is on the same domain. Our security features allow us to dictate which domains can embed and play our videos, which means only paid subscribers can use our videos.

If you require assistance, we are available to embed the code for you for a fee of $50.

Once the video has been embedded, it is good to go and requires no on-going maintenance. When we update our weekly video it automatically updates across our entire network of subscribers. Like Magic!

If you're happy with the video service, you don't need to do anything further. Subscription payments will kick-in 30 days after your trial begins via Paypal. Subscriptions are on a month to month basis, so you can cancel at any time.

Why Would You Use It

The fact is that video content is taking a massive leap forward. Statistics are popping out everywhere indicating the web is going to continue to become more dynamic and interactive.

Here are a few stats to get you up to speed:

  • A study by Comscore found that on average a website visitor will stay two minutes longer on a site when they watch a video. This is double the average time on site!
  • If your video proves enjoyable to a viewer, your chances of getting a sale increase by 97%, brand preference by 35%, and brand association, 139%. (Source: Unruly)
  • Video equals higher viewer retention, the information retained in one minute of online video is equal to about 1.8 million written words. (Source: Brainshark)

We know (statistically) that when video content is present customers stay longer on the site. They trust the site and the brand more and are more likely to purchase or do business with that brand.

Video creates a better user experience and in doing so makes you're website more memorable. In turn, people share your website and create organic link backs to your site, helping you increase page rank and improve SEO.

Any Whistler business, regardless of product or industry is in essence trying to sell "The Whistler Experience". AltiTube does just that.

Why Vimeo

We chose Vimeo for a few reasons. First, we are able to dictate where our video is embedded and shown. This ensures our customers are not paying for something that someone else is using for free.

Secondly, with Vimeo we are able to view the number of loads and views for each domain our videos are embedded on.

And finally, Vimeo offers a clean and aesthetic video player. The lack of borders is important as is the lack of advertising. We wanted the video experience to be easy, seaslessly and to work with any website.

Video Quality

Every video is shot in high definition and edited professionally to ensure each video is of the highest quality.

We include a professional intro and custom graphics if required. Our videos are professionally produced and look that way. And we guarantee they will look great on your business website!

white label

We offer several types of sponsorship opportunities. One is displaying sponsor logos at the end of each segment.

White Label, in this case, refers to the removal of any sponsorship logos. This may be desirable if you wish to avoid the potential of displaying your competition.

Please note! As part of our sponsorship opportunities we also offer shooting on location, which may be a sponsors place of business or activity. The White Label Subscription does not include reshooting.

Subscription Pricing

sponsor opportunities

AltiTube is pleased to offer several sponsorship opportunities. On our Basic membership videos we display an end plate with a max of 5 full-colour sponsor logos. These are filled on a first come first serve basis and done per week. Multiple weeks can be arranged with a max of 4 weeks.

We also offer service or product highlights during the segement, up to 15 seconds.

Finally, we also offer shooting on location. Which can include a place of business or activity. This will also include at least 15 seconds focused on the product/service/activity.


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Subscription Prices

    • White Label
    • $ 250/month
    • Weekly high-quality Videos
    • Updated automatically
    • Responsive Video
    • 100% uptime
    • Vimeo Pro Hosted
    • Will NOT include sponsor logos
    • May be shot on location
    • 24 hour Email Technical support
    • Cancel online at any time
    • Sign Up
    • Exclusive
    • $ 450/month
    • Weekly high-quality Videos
    • Updated automatically
    • Responsive Video
    • 100% uptime
    • Vimeo Pro Hosted
    • Will NOT include sponsor logos
    • Reshoot for location shoots if needed
    • Premium Sponsorship Package
    • 12 Month Commitment
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